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We Hire The Smile!

We strive for excellence each and every event!

All staff go through a rigorous 5 day in house training.

Our History

Established in 2001, TopJob Hospitality is a LOCALLY-OWNED hospitality service based in Historic Roswell.

The owners, Michael Fabian and Scott Harb are committed to the Roswell community and have a combined 35 years experience. TopJob’s high standards and expectations were formulated based on their 30 year friendship and the simple concept of an old-fashioned work-ethic with the idea that hard work, HONEST OWNERSHIP and the fair treatment of all staff members is a winning formula.

In the early years, we learned that the success of TopJob and our clients would stem from the caliber of employee we hire. Over time, we gradually came to realize that there had to be some level of training required to raise the caliber of our staff.

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Our Philosophy

We can say with the utmost confidence that TopJob mandates the most stringent screening process to secure talented professionals. The benchmarks we utilize are based on great attitude, professional appearance and work ethic paired with the basic skill level garnered through our 5-day training class = qualified employees.

Attitude is not something that can be taught. We begin the evaluation process on every potential employee from the first time they call our office through the application & interview process and ultimately through the 5-day training seminar. Our standards are extremely high so if we observe anything short of our established benchmarks we keep looking for people who want to be a success in our industry. When someone walks in our door, are they smiling? This is a vital piece of our hiring puzzle because… We hire the smile!

Appearance is an important aspect of our business. Not only do we expect our staff to have the highest grooming standards but we also strive for excellence with their uniform. Our staff is required to purchase and launder their own banquet uniforms (see link). We provide all staff with a matching gold-plated nametag that is a mandatory part of all uniforms.

Our Perspective

While 90% of what we do revolves around attitude and appearance, the final 10% is the actual skill level to be a legitimate banquet server. Over time, what began as a 4-hour obligation by each new staff member has now grown into a mandatory, 5-day training seminar conducted in our office. From setting the table, to pouring wine, folding napkins, serving, carrying and clearing the food (See video links), all new staff members are trained and then given the same opportunity to utilize these new-found skills with our HIGH-END CLIENTELE throughout the city of Atlanta.

TopJob is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We use the 5-day training class as the final steps to ensure that all potential staff members are given the same opportunity while also providing us with the necessary time to evaluate their capabilities to handle to job requirements. We pride ourselves on having the HIGHEST STANDARDS in the industry.

Feel free to come by our office anytime and we’ll be happy to share stories of the challenges and the successes which have framed our 15 year PROVEN TRACK RECORD.

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