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We pride ourselves on having the HIGHEST STANDARDS in the industry.

The success of Top Job stems from the caliber of employee that we hire. Top Job is the only hospitality firm that enforces a strict 5-day training process. We can say with utmost confidence that Top Job mandates the most stringent screening process to secure talented professionals. The benchmarks we utilize are based on great attitude, professional appearance and work ethic paired with the basic skill level garnered through our 5-day training class = qualified employees. Over time, what began as a 4-hour obligation by each new staff member has now grown into a mandatory 5-day training seminar conducted in our office. From setting tables, to pouring wine, serving, carrying and clearing the food, all new staff members are trained and then given the same opportunity to utilize these new-found skills with our loyal clientele throughout metropolitan Atlanta.

Top Job is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We use the 5-day training class as the final steps to ensure that all potential staff members are given the same opportunity while also providing us with
the necessary time to evaluate their capabilities to handle job requirements. We pride ourselves on having the HIGHEST STANDARDS in the industry.


Hors D’oeuvres Passing
Drink Passing (Gallery Tray)
Full Table Setting
Plate Handling (3 Plates)
Wine Bottle Opening
How To Serve Wine
Catering/Banquet/Food Service Terminology
How To Serve Tables
How To Load Trays Properly
Sweep/Synchronized Service
Tools Of The Trade (Wine Key, Lighter, etc)
Basic Buffet Setting
Software Training – how to get shifts